Garmin compatible Map Of Suriname & Guyana

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gmapsupp.img gmapsupp.img
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Suriname& Suriname&
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Updated January 2016.


Hi all.

The January 2016 version of the map is available for download to the left.

Now available in MPC and Non-NT version. Click here for screenshots of MPC version. 

The map has been tested on NUVI devices and works on both main-memory and SD-card. 

Again as usual it is advised to place the map "gmapsupp.img" on an SD-card and not on the device's main-memory. In case something may go wrong you can then always remove the SD-card and you should have your original device. Be careful not to overwrite any existing maps. First back-up existing maps.

Please check the manual of your device where to put the 3D file. Some (older) devices only work with this file on main device and newer devices allow placement on the SDCard. Make sure you don't overwrite your original file!!


NOTICE: In case the map on this page does not work on your model, you can use the non-NT version by clicking HERE.

Enjoy and take a look at the INFORMATION tab above to send your ideas, remarks, corrections, etc.


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